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Our Transparency Report for the First Half of 2023

Today we are publishing our latest Transparency Report, covering the first half of 2023.

What is the Facebook Rule of 20?

The platform, which has been regularly updated according to the needs of its users since its establishment, makes the work of users on social media easier.

YouTube: Who Invented It and When?

How about taking a look at the invention story of YouTube, which has become a part of many people's lives today?

Why do some accounts on Instagram say

What exactly does an Instagram user write indicate?

The Changes YouTube Has Experienced So Far

YouTube's popularity increased even more with its move to mobile devices in 2007. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, people could now watch videos anywhere.

TikTok: The Future of Social Media

TikTok has quickly risen to prominence, revolutionizing the way we engage with social media. With its unique format and dynamic content, TikTok is shaping the future of social media in several key ways:

How Was Instagram Established?

Instagram is one of the indispensable social media channels in our lives. Even the most popular.

What does Instagram blue tick do?

The blue badge provided by using a blue tick placed next to the names of approved people is seen as a sign of the reliability of the profile with that tick.

How to Find Trending Music on Instagram Reels?

With Instagram Reels, you can easily access trending music. This allows you to discover the most popular songs and add current music to your posts.

How to Use TikTok for Your Business: Tips and Best Practices

TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform for businesses to connect with their audience in creative and engaging ways. Here are some valuable tips and best practices to effectively use TikTok for your business