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comedy movie NETFLIX

The end of summer is in sight, life is pregnant with new stresses. When we add to the intensity of the agenda, we may need some relaxation. For those who seek refuge in movies, we have selected the 10 safest comedy movies in Netflix Turkey's library. Foreign or local? Make your choice and go to the screen.

Twitter Usage and Usage Habits in Turkey

Twitter is Turkey's 4th most popular social media.


Youtube trends are determined according to certain principles.

How Was Instagram Established?

Instagram is one of the indispensable social media channels in our lives. Even the most popular.

Shining on TikTok: Creative Content Ideas!

Secrets to gaining followers on TikTok! Stand out with creative content ideas featuring dance, dubs, and Q&A.

5 Tips For Creating Effective Content On Instagram

Instagram is a powerful platform for connecting with your audience through visually appealing and engaging content. To make the most out of your presence on Instagram, consider these five tips for creating effective content.

Why do some accounts on Instagram say

What exactly does an Instagram user write indicate?

TikTok's New Font: TikTok Sans

TikTok introduces TikTok Sans, a new font enhancing readability and security. It offers multi-language support and features a special design to prevent fraud.

How and when was Netflix founded? Who founded Netflix? Here is the history of Netflix

It took a long period of trial and error to achieve this success.

AI experts join Snap's Security Advisory Board

Snap announced earlier this year that it was seeking applications from qualified experts in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) for its Safety Advisory Board (SAB), which currently consists of 16 professionals and three youth advocates and serves as a sounding board for Snap's platform security issues. .