New features for YouTube

Video streaming giant YouTube improves the experience of existing users by adding new features and attracts new users. The platform is preparing to add the three improvements it has been working on recently.

According to the news published by Gizchina today, YouTube is working on three different features for its users. One of the innovations will greatly encourage classic YouTube users to become Premium members.

The first of the new features for YouTube is the fast forward and rewind button for Microsoft Edge and Chrome browsers. The buttons on both sides of the play button, right and left, will allow users to fast forward and rewind the videos for 10 seconds.

Videos can be viewed via the desktop using the arrow keys; On the phone, you can fast forward or rewind five seconds by double-clicking on the screen. But the innovation will be better in terms of usage experience.

Another innovation for YouTube is related to the interface. In Dark Mode in the new interface, the search bar will now be black. In this way, the dark theme of the platform will look more harmonious.

The last feature will encourage classic YouTube users to use Premium. By setting the image quality in videos to 1080p Premium, users will enjoy video quality with improved bitrate.

Users using Bitrate will receive a Premium subscription offer from YouTube. In this way, the video streaming giant will increase the number of Premium subscriptions. On the other hand, it is not yet clear when the new features will arrive, they are currently in the testing phase.