Snapchat's tools and resources

Snapchat has in-app tools that allow users to block people who harass them and report specific Snaps (photo or video) and accounts. Snapchat users can simply tap and hold on a piece of content to report it to us or fill out this online form on our Support Site. This form can be submitted by anyone, regardless of whether they have a Snapchat account or not. (You can learn more about the reporting process on Snapchat here.) Notifications are reviewed and appropriate action is taken by Snap's Trust and Security teams, which work 24/7 around the world. Sanctions include warning the perpetrator, suspending the account, and terminating the account completely.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of our tools and want them to know that it will benefit the entire community. We prefer that incidents do not reach the reporting stage; This was another reason why we wanted to be a part of StopNCII. But reporting serves an important goal.

We also encourage teens and all Snapchat users to watch our new Safety Snapshot episode about sexting and sharing nude photos. All you have to do is search for "Safety Snapshot" within the application. We recently added four new sections about various sexual risks. All of these chapters were reviewed by the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and emphasize the importance of not being hasty in our actions, questioning the other person's motives, and thinking critically.

We look forward to sharing more about our research and our continued work to make Snapchat a safer, healthier, more fun place for creativity and human connection. Until then, happy World Kindness Day and let's aim for this kindness to continue not only on November 13th but throughout the year.

- Jacqueline Beauchere, Snap World Head of Platform Security