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You might want to check out our blog posts about Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

Founding and History of Twitter

The establishment of Twitter brought a significant breath to social media in the field of journalism.

Eurovision 2022: Sam Ryder is ignoring the hype as the UKs odds improve

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is generating excitement and anticipation, and the United Kingdom's representative, Sam Ryder, is taking a focused approach despite the growing hype surrounding the event.

New Features Introduced to Netflix's Special Plan

Today, we're excited to announce new features available to members who are currently on a Private plan, who choose to upgrade, or who sign up for this plan for the first time, at no additional cost.

Snapchat's tools and resources

Snapchat has in-app tools that allow users to block people who harass them and report specific Snaps (photo or video) and accounts.

A sensational feature is coming to Facebook, it will now be more useful

Meta is looking for new ways for Facebook, which has lost its popularity recently. In this context, the company recently announced the important features it added to the application.

Our Transparency Report for the First Half of 2023

Today we are publishing our latest Transparency Report, covering the first half of 2023.

YouTube: Who Invented It and When?

How about taking a look at the invention story of YouTube, which has become a part of many people's lives today?

AI experts join Snap's Security Advisory Board

Snap announced earlier this year that it was seeking applications from qualified experts in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) for its Safety Advisory Board (SAB), which currently consists of 16 professionals and three youth advocates and serves as a sounding board for Snap's platform security issues. .

Innovations Continue on Instagram: Two New Updates Will Come!

Instagram is bringing two major updates for its users: Meta Verified subscription and innovations in the Notes section. This update aims to further enrich the user experience!

TikTok's New Font: TikTok Sans

TikTok introduces TikTok Sans, a new font enhancing readability and security. It offers multi-language support and features a special design to prevent fraud.