Founding and History of Twitter

The establishment of Twitter brought a significant breath to social media in the field of journalism. Twitter was developed by Jack Dorsey in 2006. Since then, it has achieved remarkable popularity around the world. Twitter, which is used extensively in Turkey, shows its influence especially in the field of media and politics.

Twitter kanadında Jack Dorsey ismi öne çıksa da kuruluşunda 14  isim etkili oluyor. Birlikte çalışan 14 arkadaş yedikleri bir yemek esnasında proje fikrini üretiyorlar. Twitter kurucularından Jack Dorsey, SMS yoluyla küçük gruplara o anda ne yaptıklarını anlatabilecekleri bir proje fikrini oraya atıyor. İşte bu fikir Twitter’ın temeli oluyor. Bu fikir çerçevesinde gerçekleştirilen güçlü bir beyin fırtınası yapılıyor.

Jack Dorsey wants to create a channel where people can write and send messages about the club they are currently attending, the place they are at or the thing they are doing. What users were expected to do in this medium was to write something on their mobile phones and send it. A prototype was then created based on this idea. In the competition they participated in, Jack's idea was chosen first. The first version Jack created was entirely web-based and went live on March 21, 2006. The first message sent on Twitter was "#38" by Dom Sagolla from the team.

Twitter subsequently became one of the most influential social channels in the world. After the establishment and spread of Twitter, almost everyone, from presidents to homeless people, loved this medium and started using it intensively. Not only ordinary citizens, but even heads of state started to argue over this medium.

Twitter defines itself as a place to "collaborate with creative and curious people from all over the world." In this sense, they seem to have largely achieved their goals by causing the spread of many international social events.