Evolution and history of the Instagram logo

Do you remember how you fell in love with photography? A long time ago, in our childhood, we were hit and given a small white card that had to be shaken. And then, suddenly, within a minute, a picture began to appear on the card! Now you remember those wonderful and sweet moments. Completely amateur but warm polaroid photos. What did we replace it with? It is a vast Instagram service that has the hearts and minds of millions. All your photos are as beautiful, comfortable and home-supported as before. They simply moved online.

What is Instagram logo 2010

It is not only the principles of operation (small amateur photos for everyone), but also a square format that returns us to these associations. Now you know that this camera icon as a logo is not just a coincidence. It can be said that a smartphone camera looks completely different, but the main thing is that the polaroid retro camera evokes sweet memories and people's emotions. Moreover, the service allowed not only to post one's photos but also to use transparent filters that made the photos look old.


The service appeared in 2010, and for the first 5 years the Instagram logo has never changed. Instagram logo font, only the entire logo is designed in retro style. As time went by, the service became more and more famous and developed new functions, so the company finally decided to change the appearance of its brand. They launched a briefing and asked themselves what the most striking vintage Instagram logo details were. These were a lens, a rainbow and a viewfinder. And so, all these elements became part of a new vector brand logo


The front has been given a rainbow, a basic logo colour, while the lens and viewfinder have been transformed into stylized lines. The logo has remained harmonious and balanced, making it more stylish and current than ever. This fact indicates nothing but the high professional skills of the designers. An artist who designed the Instagram logo said that you need to love your job to create a successful logo. He created the best of his works for free for his friends and relatives.

In reality, another reason lies not only in professionalism and art, but also in interest. The people who develop Instagram are on the edge of fashion trends. They interact daily with everything that creates modern mass culture and to some extent create their own tendencies. As Instagram users spend an average of 21 minutes online and 3.5 billion likes are printed every day, the design they offer is becoming trendy and trendy.

Instagram logo history 2016

Instagram logo history cannot be accessed because every change must be made carefully, taking into account the number of users. Digital online technology companies may have advantages and disadvantages. Your favorite app logo will immediately catch your attention and you'll want to learn more. Additionally, changes towards clearer and cleaner design often contribute greatly to the success of such companies. The simpler and friendlier an icon looks, the more users will click on it. And every click pays off these days. Therefore, when developing a logo for a service like Instagram, it is important to remember that logo clarity means clear and convenient functionality.