How to Get Blue Tick on Twitter?

How to apply for Twitter blue tick? There are certain conditions to get a blue tick on Twitter. If you complete the required documents and information completely, you can apply for a blue tick. There are accounts that do not bother with these procedures and cheat on Twitter blue ticks. In this way, accounts that fraudulently copy Twitter blue ticks can be detected and your account may be suspended by Twitter.

As a result of Elon Musk's latest statements, the blue tick began to have more than one meaning. One of these means that it is original and approved. The latter was confirmed thanks to the Twitter Blue subscription service. Every user with a Twitter Blue subscription can receive a confirmation badge, even if they do not meet the blue tick requirements.

The process of getting a blue tick has become even easier through Twitter Blue subscription. However, protecting the blue tick badge is not as easy as it seems. If you violate Twitter rules, such as impersonating other accounts, being spammed, or blocked, your badge may be removed from your profile.

Log in to by entering your membership information. Go to “Settings and Privacy” by clicking on the More tab. On the screen that appears, click on the Account tab and follow the Account Information step. Once you get this far, you will be asked to re-enter your Twitter password.

In the Account Information section, you will see that your account is approved and unapproved. You can continue the blue tick process by clicking on the link provided to confirm. If you cannot see this link, it means your account is not eligible for a blue tick. So, how to get a blue tick on Twitter? What is the requested information? How to get Twitter blue tick? What are the conditions for 2023?

What is the Requested Information?

1 – Complete Personal Information

Twitter will ask you for some information to understand that you are a real user. It is important to fill in all the requested information accurately and completely in order to receive a blue tick. Otherwise, if the information provided is not correct, your application will not be approved. It may even be possible to have your account suspended. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when entering such information.

2 - Confirmed Email Address Must Be Entered

Another answer to the question "How to get a blue tick on Twitter" is the e-mail address. During the application, it will ask you to enter the confirmed email address you have used for your Twitter account. If your e-mail address is not confirmed through your account, you will not meet the necessary conditions to apply. Thus, your blue tick application will not be approved.

3 – Phone Number Must Be Confirmed

If your contact information is missing or incorrect, it will be negative for the evaluation. If your phone number is not confirmed to your Twitter address, you need to perform this step first. Otherwise, your blue tick application will not be made as your profile information will be incomplete.

4 - Must Have a Profile Photo

To get a blue tick, it is important that your Twitter profile photo is a real person or does not belong to any account. If you do not have a profile picture when applying, you will not be evaluated. Additionally, your profile photo should not contain images belonging to other accounts and should not impersonate anyone.

5 - Must Have Cover Photo

Twitter cover photo must comply with the general conditions. In fact, this also applies to the profile photo. It is important that the photos are real and understandable in order not to create the perception of a fake account.

6 - Date of Birth Information

Your birthday information must be correct to receive a blue tick. The more accurate your personal information is, the easier your blue tick process will be. After you enter your date of birth information completely and accurately, you can decide and approve how much of it will appear on your profile.

7 - Website Information

In order to get a blue tick, your profile information must be complete and accurate. This information also includes website information. If you own a website, you can add this information to your profile to verify you. If you do not have the website, you can skip this step and move on to updating other information in your profile.

8 – How to Get a Blue Tick on Twitter: Privacy Setting Must Be “Public”

The last condition to get a blue tick is that your profile must be public. If you complete this step, your profile posts will be visible and accessible to everyone. Twitter blue tick fee has also become a matter of curiosity after all these statements.

It is not important how many followers you have for a Twitter blue tick. Instead, you can get a blue tick with the Twitter Blue subscription service. The fee to get a blue tick on Twitter is 8 dollars as of November 2022.