How to get Facebook blue tick?

Go to settings on Facebook or Instagram

Tap Account Center.

Tap Meta Verified.

Under your profile photo you will see that you are eligible for Meta verification.

Set the payment method.

Take a photo of your ID and upload it.

Getting a Facebook verification badge is that simple!

The only requirement to get a Facebook blue tick is; Two-factor authentication is turned on. Please note that once your account is verified, you cannot change your profile name, photo, username or date of birth. If the information is changed, the account verification steps must be repeated.

How much does it cost to get a Facebook blue tick?

Facebook blue tick fee; $14.99 per month but $11.99 for web purchase. The Facebook verified badge is currently available for people 18 and over in the US, Australia and New Zealand. The paid Facebook blue check badge program is not available for businesses.