We're looking for AI experts for Snap's Security Advisory Board

This time last year, Snap invited qualified experts to apply to join our new Security Advisory Board (GDK); We currently have a group of 14 professionals and three young promoters advising Snap on “all things security.” A year later, we are delighted with our board and the regular feedback and advice from the trusted and equitable community we continue to build.

Similar to GDK's growth and evolution over the past year, the Snapchat experience has also evolved by embracing artificial intelligence (AI) with the emergence of My AI. That's why, starting today, we are accepting applications for a limited number of experts to join our Security Advisory Board and share their expert knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We ask those interested to fill out and submit this short application form by Tuesday, April 25th. Our goal is to invite selected Artificial Intelligence experts to join GDK by mid-May. Snap Security Advisory Board members are not paid for their time; however, Snap has the opportunity to support programs and initiatives of organizations that align with Snap's goals. Members are required to attend two virtual, 90-minute board meetings per year and physically attend one multi-day meeting. Other virtual sessions are optional and GDK members can attend as their schedules allow. New GDK members are also expected to accept the board's Scope of Terms and adopt the operating rules established earlier this year.

When we expanded our GDK in 2022, our goal was to grow the board in terms of areas of expertise and security-related disciplines and geographical areas represented. We believe we have achieved this, but artificial intelligence is a unique and constantly evolving field; It is also true that adding new experts will benefit Snap, the reshaped board, and most importantly, our community. Please consider applying for this call or sharing this opportunity with others. We hope to see new GDK members as soon as possible!