What is the Facebook Rule of 20?

Facebook, one of the most popular platforms of social media, still maintains its popularity despite many new platforms.

  • Easy to use,
  • The advantages it offers,
  • The platform, which has become very attractive with its customizable security settings, is the most preferred social networking site in the world.

The platform, which has been regularly updated according to the needs of its users since its establishment, makes the work of users on social media easier.

Many marketing strategies are implemented on the social sharing platform, where brands and corporate accounts are in great demand. For this reason, there are many rules regarding advertising activities.

In particular, the Facebook 20 rule is a rule applied by Facebook for images and is very useful for users. This rule ensures that the image in the ad is not spam. Additionally, if more than 20 percent of the image is text, that ad will not be approved by Facebook. The biggest reason for this rule is that images with less than 20 percent text are a more effective advertising tool.

Facebook Rule of 20 and Other Advertising Policies

Some advertising principles have been created by Facebook to create a much better experience for advertising activities aimed at the target audience. Although Facebook's rule of 20 is the most important of these, it is important to know other advertising principles and act in accordance with the rules.

Brands that use social networking platforms for advertising and promotional activities prefer action through visuals, especially to carry out more effective work.

Just like ads published on Instagram or Audience Network, there is a review process that measures the amount of visual text in advertising activities carried out on Facebook and manages it accordingly.

During this process, if ads are not approved by Facebook, they will be blocked from publication. It should also be noted that there may be some exceptions to the current advertising rules. For example; There are some images where the Facebook 20 rule does not apply.

  • Book covers,
  • album covers,
  • Product images are usually in this group.

What is the Image Text Examined Under the Facebook Rule of 20?

Visual text is the entire text contained in the advertising image shared by users. This only applies to the text within the image. Texts outside the ad are not defined as image text and are not reviewed under the Facebook rule of 20.

Not having more visual text than necessary will cause the ad to reach fewer people. Facebook offers a tool that users can use to make measurements in this regard. Although the presented tool makes an approximate measurement, it is often used because it is a good guide.