Brief history of Facebook

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, a German computer programmer, was born in New York to a dentist father and a psychiatrist mother. This genius child started to show his success while he was still in high school and was deemed worthy of awards by participating in many science competitions at school. Of course, with these achievements, he entered the Computer Science department of Harvard University.

It is not known whether this smart kid, while going through all this, predicted that one day his name would be remembered all over the world with a system he would create... But Zuckerberg designed Facebook during his university years, on the computer he had in his dorm room.

Facemash to Facebook

Ancak ilk olarak tasarlanan sistem bugünkü Facebook'a hiç benzemiyordu. İlk tasarladığı site olan Facemash, okulun en yakışıklı çocukları ve güzel kızlarının yer alacağı bir veri tabanıydı. Ancak bunun için, bu güzel kız ve yakışıklı çocukların fotoğrafları gerekiyordu. Zuckerberg, Harvard Üniversitesinin veri tabanını hackleyip, fotoğrafları oradan aldı almasına ama üniversite yönetimi bunu öğrenince, Zuckerberg'i disiplin kuruluna sevk etti. Mark ise okulu tamamen bırakmayı tercih etti. Çünkü zaten bu sıkıcı bölümü okumaya dayanamıyordu ve onun gelecek için planladığı çok daha eğlenceli buluşlar vardı...

Facebook Storm Begins

These events that happened to Mark made the Facemash site he designed known outside of Harvard University. Mark did not sit idle and developed the site further, laying the foundations of today's Facebook. In 2012, the site reached one billion users worldwide. Admittedly, even Mark didn't expect this much. Facebook, a free social networking site with such intense interest, seemed to have presented Mark with the key to a multimillion-dollar fortune on a silver platter...

Facebook is Renewed Every Day

Facebook, whose story we share with you, is being equipped with new features day by day, and it is now much more than just a social network for sharing photos and spending time with friends, it also has a very valuable function in business life. Especially thanks to Facebook ads, thousands of companies can make their names known to the other end of the world every day. That's why companies now have their own pages, in addition to individual profiles. In addition, with the marketplace application, it is possible to sell all kinds of products on Facebook.