How Was Instagram Established?

Instagram is one of the indispensable social media channels in our lives. Even the most popular. In this sense, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it has overtaken Facebook by one! So, what happened that Instagram became so popular? How did the events develop? Here is the founding and development story of Instagram!

Instagram does not have a very old history in our lives. However, today, when we cannot access the Instagram application for a minute, we are paralyzed. Instagram, the popular social media channel, has gained an integral place in both the business world and our social lives. The application, which is among the most popular social media in the world today, was founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, graduates of Stanford, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Two friends, who set out with the idea of ​​developing an application that easily organizes photos and allows you to share them with your network, turned this idea into practice in the best possible way and developed the most used photo filtering and sharing application in the world today.

The network grew in a short time

Although it was a mobile application and users at that time were not as accustomed to this type of social networks as they are today, Instagram suddenly attracted great attention in the world. Making ordinary photos taken with mobile phones more effective with the filters offered by the application has caused people to share these photos more and even take photos almost just to share photos. With this interest and application features, Instagram has of course become one of the favorites of Silicon Valley and has received a lot of investment. Later, Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion dollars.

Developments on Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has constantly renewed and improved itself. Here are the innovations that have been included in Instagram over the years

Two years after the iOS application was launched, the Android application was also activated.

Instagram has also been activated on the web. User profiles could also be tracked and managed from the desktop.

Timeline feature for web has been activated. "Tagging" feature has been added to photos. By eliminating the photo sharing feature, video sharing has also been activated. Then the "Embed" feature was activated. Posts can now be shared with sponsorship. The "Instagram Direct" feature was launched and users began to send videos, photos or messages to each other.