Innovations Continue on Instagram: Two New Updates Will Come!

Instagram is bringing two major updates for its users: Meta Verified subscription and innovations in the Notes section. This update aims to further enrich the user experience!

Instagram is preparing to introduce a new subscription service called Meta Verified to offer users a more customized experience. This new feature will ensure that only Meta Verified users' posts are visible to other users. This option will be available in addition to Instagram's existing 'Following' and 'Favorites' options.

The new option will encourage users to subscribe to Meta Verified by offering a more tailored experience and increased visibility. Pricing is set at $11.99 per month for the web version and $14.99 per month for the iOS version.

What Benefits Will Meta Verified Subscription Offer?

Here are the benefits of Meta Verified subscription:

Verified account badge: Helps add additional credibility to your profile.

Customer support: Dedicated support service for the most common issues.
Active impersonation monitoring: Extra protection in case your account is impersonated.

Comment prioritization: Displaying your comments as a priority on other users' posts.

Discover and Reels recommendations: Suggestions for your content to reach more people.

Instagram Stories special stickers: The opportunity to make your stories more attractive.

New Features Are Also Added to the Notes Section

The new update to the Notes section of Instagram offers users the freedom to share private content. Like the 'Close friends' option, you will now be able to share private notes only with the people you specify.

In addition, it is possible to share short videos in the Notes section. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated that users will be able to update their profile photo with a short video and add text to this video.

Instagram continues to introduce innovations to constantly improve user experience. These latest updates once again show how focused the platform is on user needs. It is eagerly awaited how users will respond to these new features.