What does Instagram blue tick do?

One of the concepts that emerged with the start of making money on Instagram was the concept of account verification. This article explains what the Instagram blue tick is, which is one of the activities carried out by people or institutions that want the trust of their followers according to the way of making money.

İnstagram mavi tik ne işe yarar, nasıl alınır

Accounts circulating on Instagram as approved accounts or blue badge Instagram accounts are a marking given to accounts deemed appropriate by Instagram administrators as a result of people's requests. The blue badge provided by using a blue tick placed next to the names of approved people is seen as a sign of the reliability of the profile with that tick.

This approval process carried out by Instagram; Although it is seen as unnecessary by many, it is a feature that is frequently used by well-known companies or people. Especially if the company or person using blue tick aims to make money through Instagram, it provides some protection to its customers against fake profiles created by people who want to commit fraud.