New tool to show popular topics from Snapchat

snapchat trends

Snap announced its new tool called Snapchat Trends. Thanks to Trends, it is possible to take a look at the keywords currently used most frequently on Snapchat.

Trends, which can be accessed via Snapchat's website, will allow you to get an idea about what users are talking about in the stories they share publicly or privately with their friends. Trends also has a database that makes it possible to search for certain terms.

It would not be wrong to say that Trends' main target audience includes marketers and advertisers. With 293 million daily active users, Snapchat is an attractive advertising medium for brands.

Thanks to Snapchat Trends, you can see what people care about or worry about. In addition to popular TV shows, it seems that topics such as the Taliban's capture of Kabul or the COVID-19 quarantine in Australia are finding a lot of space on Snapchat these days.