To make money on YouTube, you must first be a Youtuber. The more audience you reach on YouTube, the more money you make. The money you will earn can be through advertisements or through your number of views. Additionally, with YouTube's new feature, you can invite your users to your channel and receive a monthly fee from the participants.

Of course, in order to achieve these, you must be able to share videos regularly. You can have a unique audience thanks to your regular posts. In this way, you can reach thousands, maybe millions of people and make money from it. It is worth remembering that one of the most popular jobs of 2019 is being a YouTuber.

One of the most popular platforms in the virtual world is YouTube. You can upload videos to Youtube, a video hosting site, and watch other people's videos. Youtube, which is a free platform to use and create an account, can be accessed by anyone with a smartphone or any mobile device. As we enter the 21st century, YouTube is attracting a lot of attention. With this interest, it is now possible to make money on YouTube.