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TikTok: Mental health awareness being raised on app

A woman who became a psychiatric nurse after struggling with her own mental health has said it fulfils her soul. Ioana Stancu, 22, from Newport, went into nursing when her own mental health began to improve following a struggle with depression and anxiety. "I do my job from the heart and not for the money," she said. Ioana now uses TikTok to encourage people to talk openly about their feelings, and reaches out to people so they know they are not alone. To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, BBC Wales spoke to people who use social media to share their own struggles. Better mental health support needed, charity says Crisis concerns for young peoples mental health Has the pandemic affected your mental health? Ioana, who moved to Wales from Romania on her own aged 18, took antidepressants for two years before deciding she wanted to help others. "The moment I walk through the hospital door, no matter how bad I feel or how bad my day is, I feel happy," she said. "I feel happy to know that I am there and that I am doing something good for my patients. "Even when I'm not at work I wonder if they ate, how their day is, if they're happy - and all that just because I care so much about them." The songwriter

Hana Lili in a field with the sun setting Singer, songwriter and producer Hana Lili, 22, writes songs about personal hardship and relationships. For Hana, it is like a diary - she has always turned to writing songs about any emotion she is feeling. "It's been a outlet of creativity for me and something I value so much," she said. "It's almost like taking a snapshot in time and reflecting on ideas, memories and emotions." Hana posts her new songs on social media platforms and hopes her lyrics will help others feel less alone.